That’s right folks, good dental hygiene doesn’t only mean that you will keep your pearly whites looking great for a lifetime, taking care of your teeth is also vital for overall general health.

A lot of people are unaware of the implications of bad dental care. While they might think that not taking care of their teeth may result in cavities or, at worst, the loss of a tooth or two, what they don’t know is bad dental hygiene has been linked to numerous health conditions which can prove lethal. For example, a recent report found that bad dental hygiene is extremely detrimental to heart health and cognitive function. Plaque and bacteria can spread from the mouth and into the blood stream. Dental plaque has also been linked to the build up to neurotoxic plaques which can cause Alzheimer’s like symptoms.

Bad dental health has also been linked to increases in blood sugar levels, which is extremely dangerous for people with diabetes as it can increase negative impact of the disease. Also, and most interestingly, bad dental hygiene has recently been linked to women having trouble conceiving.

Don’t be a health fool. Spend a few minutes each day taking care of your teeth. Not only will it mean you will have a gorgeous, natural could also save your life!

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