Every year, we see hundreds of patients with painful or impacted wisdom teeth. For most, the only solution is to remove those pesky teeth in order to relieve constant pain. For others, their wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding, thus causing problems for other teeth surrounding them. While the surgery itself can be pretty painful, the benefits by far outweigh the continuing pain people suffer with problematic wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction can be performed either under local or general anesthetic, depending on how bad the problem is. Both procedures are relatively simple for a dental specialist to perform and the surgery can most often be performed in the dental office, rather than a hospital. This means less hassle and less downtime following the procedure as patients are generally able to go home within an hour of the extraction being performed.

If you are having pain or problems with your wisdom teeth, give us a call. We will be able to evaluate your dental problems and arrange for further treatment to extract those painful wisdom teeth.

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