So, you’re about to have your wisdom teeth extracted and you’re feeling a little nervous about the procedure. How will it feel? What will you be able to do to help aid recovery? We’re here to help you out and let you know the dos and don’ts when it comes to speeding up your post surgery recovery.


Here are the things you should do after you have your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Use an ice pack to help reduce swelling and bruising
  • Use a heat pack to help relieve the pain of that sore jaw
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Rinse your mouth out often, either with a saline (salty water) solution or antibacterial mouth wash
  • Take pain medications prescribed or recommended by our dental team
  • Eat soft foods like soups, pasta or rice
  • Exercised your jaw by opening and closing your mouth slowly
  • Rest!
  • Brush your teeth, starting the day after treatment. We recommend staying clear of those blood clots though!
  • Call us if you experience flu symptoms, extreme pain or bad swelling


Here are the things you really should avoid doing after a wisdom tooth extraction:

  • While we recommend using mouth wash, don’t be too aggressive with that swishing about.
  • Don’t drink through a straw. Sucking on a straw can loosen the important blood clots that help with the healing process
  • Don’t poke your wound with your tongue. This can also loosen blood clots or rupture stitches.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking increases healing time.
  • Don’t eat hard or crunchy foods. These can get caught in your wounds or even rupture your stitches, so stay off the lollies for a while!

Remember, following these simple dos and don’ts will not only speed up your recovery time, but will also prevent from causing infections in your wounds.

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