Parents with young children often ask us when they should start getting their little ones to clean their teeth. Our answer is simply this: You can start a dental health regiment as soon as your little one is three months old.

While most babies still don’t have their first tooth buds cutting at that age, starting to brush their gums is still a great idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, brushing the baby’s gums with a short, soft bristled latex or rubber brush can help to soften the gums for the teething that will follow. This can help reduce a lot of pain from those tooth buds breaking through and can help with the teething process overall. Secondly, getting a baby used to having their teeth brushed will set a positive dental care routine in place. This will reduce problems introducing brushing later on and can stop fussiness.

If you think your baby is still too young to introduce brushing their teeth at three months, we recommend you still introduce dental care by wiping their gums with a soft wash cloth twice a day. This can help remove potentially harmful bacteria which can build up and cause infection once teething starts.

It’s never too soon to introduce good dental habits to your kids, so get brushing folks!

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